Vintage watches offer you the freedom to get a timepiece that’s as individual as you are and online auctions present a great opportunity to find your perfect watch at a very good price.

Not only do vintage watches enable you to make a statement about your individuality but they also represent a significantly better investment than buying a brand new watch, much like purchasing a new car. The second you drive a car off the forecourt it’s value drops immediately and the same is true for watches, in most cases the value will drop straight away.

Watches are an item that can provide a real connection with their owner, whether it’s the ritual of manually winding the watch or your movements that are powering it, they provide something that you can’t just buy from a factory and the knowledge that someone before you had the same connection only adds to the romance.

When purchasing a vintage watch its very important to chose one that aligns with with your personality in both style and functionality, the watch is going to be worn on your wrist after all.

If you’re looking for a piece to make a statement then you may well opt for a fancier but more delicate watch but if you’re after a watch which you can wear every day or for more strenuous activities then you should be more inclined to opt for a more durable watch that’s going to keep up with your lifestyle.

Large case watches have became increasingly more valuable in recent years in line with changing fashions but any buyer must consider how this will reflect not only their own tastes but also the degree of comfort that they will get from a larger piece.

The vintage watch community is large and possesses an active interest in timepieces and the history behind them, use this to your advantage, sign up to forums and engage with them.

Getting to know other experts and reading the material about watches they like will provide you with a base of knowledge that will give you an invaluable perspective on what is special and rare.

In the case of vintage watches, knowledge is definitely power, find out what the original watch should look like and make sure that what you’re looking to buy matches it. Consider the dial, hands, movement and the case itself, do they match the original?

The dial is the most important factor to consider as this holds almost all of the value of the piece, look for signs of refurbishment or even replacement as this will strip value from any watch.

Watch cases also provide a great source of value and desirability, pieces that are stainless steel, solid gold, and platinum hold both their value and their condition much better than those which are gold or chrome plated.

For more information about vintage watches and how to shop for a luxury watch at auction, have a look through our helpful guide.

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