Here at William George, we love luxury watches and we love technology but some things are meant to be kept separate. In fact, just next week we have a trade stock auction including brand new iMacs and a luxury watch auction including the very best brands, both very different auctions so you can imagine why we keep things separate.

Apple has just announced it’s new Apple Watch 2 but they’re ditching their attempt to enter the luxury watch market which they tried with a 18 karat gold edition of the first Apple Watch, which was sold for around £13,500.

In a rare failure by Apple, they found it hard to break into the luxury watch market where a brand’s name and reputation carry real weight with buyers and see them stick with brands such as Rolex, Philippe Patek and Breitling among others.

No official announcement was made that the gold edition would be scrapped but you won’t find a trace of it on Apple’s website anymore and as for the Apple Watch 2, ceramic is now the top of the range version with Apple appearing to opt for durability over 18 karat gold this time around.

The Apple Watch 2 will be available to pre-order on 9 September ahead of an in-store release on 16 September if you’re looking for the latest smartwatch offering but if like us, you like your watches to have a touch more luxury about them, then be sure to keep an eye out for our latest watch auction ending 17th September.